Friday, April 18, 2008

the cure - love cats

so the cure is playing in l.a. in june and i'm kind of excited. i kind of want to go and i kind of think i'm 80 and have no reason to see any show ever again cuz i'm 80. but i've never seen the cure so....
tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. will have to sleep on it.

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Bistro 613 said...

Hey Lia! I seldom get 'round to checking your blog, not because I'm not interested... because I do most of my surfing from work, and YouTube videos are blocked from there.

I know.... such a proper government worker, LOL.

Cure are awesome! I saw them in Rotterdam when I lived in Holland, it was such a fun show. 'course, I was a little Goth girlie at the time, but I imagine most of their fan base is about our age now.
Have you heard the new album?