Saturday, May 10, 2008

rising gas prices have driven me to risk my life

by driving this awesome scooter!! it is being delivered on wednesday and hopefully the cheerful, dentally challenged delivery dude will give me a good lesson on driving in the san gabriel valley.
driving in this area is challenging on four wheels. i'm looking forward to yelling out, MOOOVE ASSFACE on my two wheeler.
p.s. i do not look cute in the helmet.


tbm3 said...

the transformation is complete, you're a total nerd now.
I would've gone w/ a Segway.
much, much cooler.

where i live said...

i couldn't agree with you more.

tbm3 said...

be safe & watch out for crazy drivers.
I decided to give up my motorcycle after hitting a lady that turned left in front of me & a bad wipe out to avoid hitting a cat.
dumb cat.