Sunday, August 24, 2008

here's number four

this guy was found dragging himself on his front legs across a major street after being hit by a car.
hopefully he can recover from his multiple injuries and stay here with us.
any suggestions for a name?
we have been calling him:


tbm3 said...
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tbm3 said...

his name should be lonesome bill or baxter.
those eyes kill me.

Jen said...

oh! I like baxter.

where i live said...

baxter is good. ah, lonesome bill.
i was calling him tennesee earlier.
and tony. he looks like a tony.

Dayna said...

so sad looking, yet adorable.
no wonder you are keeping him.

Mr Lucky Doubles said...

You're like McCain and houses: You can't even keep track of how many you have!

where i live said...

ba dum bum!